Rebirth book two is being outlined and plotted out. With not having to learn everything from scratch I should be able to have it completed a lot faster then book one. 

First blog

I’m excited, I’ve been working on Rebirth for over six years now. I can finally say that it’s almost ready to be published. It is with my editor now, and I have a cover designer booked for June. It should be available for ebook and paperback no later then the end of the year.

     This has been a big learning experience for me, that’s part of why Rebirth took so long to write. When I started I couldn’t even type. I had no idea what filter words or show don’t tell even was. A month ago I didn’t know how to build a website, I’m still learning but it works. I’m now learning how to format a book.

     It has been amazing watching the short story idea I had grow to become its own world and into a full novel. Complete with two full subplots, Rebirth comes to a simi-completion (no big cliffhangers) and has a happy ending for everyone. (Except Greg, he got blood eagled).