An epic sex filled tail of love and lust. Follow Mindy’s journey as she strives to save her soul mate Arianna and her sister sex goddesses from extinction.  

This book tells the story of Mindy and Arianna, about their love and commitment to each other. It also tells of the sex goddesses beginning, and how they almost never were.


Works in progress


rebirth book two

I am working on Rebirth book 2 right now.

It happens immediately after book 1. While teaching their new sisters how to control their magical abilities, Mindy, Arianna, and their sisters embark on a quest to find out how to destroy the dark entity that’s trying to destroy them.

rebirth  book three

I’ve started the outline for this one.

I’m looking forward to writing Rebirth book 3, it will be for Arianna. It will follow her 1200 year life from when Gersvinda  transforms her into a sex goddess until she finds Mindy.


rebirth book four

Book four will follow the life of Karina. She’s like her sister sex goddesses in every way, except one. She can still provide mortals with sex and happiness, but some mortals she is drawn to for another reason. The mortals that she is drawn to pray that they never see her again, they are ones that deserve punishment and pain for their actions on earth, that only she can give them.

More stories to come

I will be giving each book it’s own page when they are closer to being done. If you  want  to keep up to date with books in progress, I update my progress on my Facebook page, follow the link below. 

gothic, goth, fantasy


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