Please allow me to tell you a story of magical beings, mortals, love and lust, that has over thirty explicit scenes  bringing this story to life. Except the sex goddesses almost never existed.

Down through the ages a small family of sex goddesses has lived among you in secret, taking mortals away as they sleep and using the sexual energy they produce when they orgasm to give them strength, power, and immortality. Mindy, the eldest sex goddess has given me her journals, hoping that hearing about them and who they are, the mortal race might someday understand them and one day not fear them. To the best of my knowledge the events that unfold in this story are true. This is the story of their beginning….




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Together we are one

Arianna / Mindy

Love together

Rachel / Lauren


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about the author

Born in 1969, Jake S Tamer grew up in the pacific northwest. Jake now resides in Idaho, and when not writing he enjoys riding motorcycles along the twisty mountain roads with his wife.

      Jake started writing erotic romance sometime around 2013. Having stories floating around in his head since high school, he has finally decided to write them down with a graphic erotic twist to share with the world.

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imagination is key to understanding reality

woman, naked, act

gothic, goth, fantasy

Arianna to mindy

“I now know that I’ve had part of you over my heart for my entire mortal life, and I’ve had you with me my whole life. I thought it was I that was watching over you, but it was you, that was watching over me.”


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